Servomax CEO Note

Strategy Overview

If we want to gear up the company to the future. We need to find the answers to the following areas and answers for the following important questions

  • What do we stand for?
  • What are things sets us apart?
  • How do we will achieve long term success? And how we deal with the prevailing situations be it be market growth, product development and meeting competition and meeting internal issues of all areas?

Let us Focus on the Following to Meet Servomax Vision 2020

  • A Clear Mission :
    That’s our aspiration. That’s what we stand for the clear mission sets us apart. A reflection of strong brand. It is the mission of ours, our mission that inspires us to succeed. Our Mission statement expresses our understanding and aspirations. Each division must understand.
  • A real living ownership culture :
    Success, meeting aspirations, moving forward for sustainable growth with profitability - Our active engine is our integrity in real living ownership culture. Every Director, Sr. Officials, all employees right from janitor must take personal responsibility for company success. No responsibility feeling people must go out of the company. Directors must take responsibility in improving ownership of the company. All employees must must feel and act it is my own COMPANY. Directors of the company must dream always to get success. Lenient directors must tight their belts.
  • A Creative Strategy :
    We are positioned and recognized as power solution providers. We must know how to extend it further from Stabilizer to EPC solutions. Strategy could be applied, manufacture, deliver, customer satisfaction then their referrals and more orders    like strategy to be applied. Our core Business must see continuous growth with profits on each project to all projects and activities. Sales should sustainable, meet clients personally and get him educated besides you acquire additional knowledge. Performance tracking, enforcing Performance to all employees Through leadership from top of every area headed by directors. We need to outplace our Competition with dedication. This is our path hence fourth reaching goals must happen by default. We have to look for future vision 2020. Long term success and over reaching our goals by measuring real time progress. Everyone must have commercial sense.

We will be working on the three above areas which clearly elaborated which enable Servomax to lead to real success, not to delay in removing unproductive resources. We will gear up all our actions to the requirement of our valued customers. Our mantra for success is Happy Customers, Happy Vendors, Happy Employee. Our Servomax owners are our employees. Let us create value for our customers and society and maintain our 36 years of company values.

I personally intend to ensure that the next generation will inherit a better Servomax.

This is my Vision, That is my Responsibility, This is my Promise.

Sincerely Yours

A. Venkateswara Rao

CMD of SIPL and Consultant of Servomax Brand.