SHREYAS is a program envisaged to promote and train youth in various skills and encourage them to gradually become entrepreneurs. This program is in tune with the message given by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.

Skill development leads to improved quality of the products as well as scaling up the ability to bring out better products. Simultaneously promoting entrepreneurship in youth prepares them to develop a critical attitude in order to derive benefits and achieve profit from the manufacturing sector. This will give confidence among youth for their growth and for own financial success. Added to this, the entire process of skills development / improvement and entrepreneur abilities will create wealth for individual, society as well as the nation.

Made in India & Make in India with zero defects and zero effect is the clarion call given by the Prime Minister. The implementation of SHREYAS is an exact fulfilment of his vision and prosperity of the nation.

SERVOMAX will host and brand the program leveraging social brand and SERVOMAX's enterprise brand.


  • The Indian youth must attain high self esteem, financial independence and confidence and become leaders and example to other youth, thus India should become a manufacturing hub to meet domestic as well as international needs, with cost effective products, but with international quality.
  • Every Engineer / ITI / Diploma holder to become technically skilled, to move forward in contributing to value addition to self and society, having an inclination to become entrepreneur, and be on his own as well as providing employment to needy, and make that enterprise sustainable always, by upgrading technicalities, quality, quantities, certifications to meet Indian and overseas markets.
  • To overcome problems faced by MSME in India due to power shortage, resource shortage, technology shortage, skilled and committed manpower shortage, leading to challenges in cost effective manufacturing, efficient marketing and effective distribution of the products domestically and internationally by:
        a. to meet MSMEs own energy requirement through solar power, wind power through micro-wind mills and centralised bio-fuel equipment providing energy to all MSMEs and micro enterprises in the particular village/locality, to improve the quality of living.
        b. eradicate poverty, make the youth to earn sustainable income month on month and year on year, and to reduce dependence on government for their needs through self-empowerment, improving leadership and technical skills and entrepreneurial qualities, and becoming micro and msme manufacturing hubs at each and every locality
        c. improve purchasing power of rural economy by improving income generating capacity of rural youth through skill development, handholding and enterprise development leading to rejuvenation of rural economy and increase in wealth of the nation through manufacturing the goods which are locally in demand and manufactured locally.
        d. providing micro energy solution to households, thus every house will opt for modernising their living standards and improving their living standards and improve their purchase power to make financially healthy society.

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