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Static Voltage Stabilizer (IGBT Technology)

Servomax India Ltd takes pride in providing excellent solutions to all kinds of Power problems. We recognize your company as one of the leaders in the field of Electronic Industry. We understand your aims of bringing out the best products in present competitive market. While you focus on manufacturing quality products, Servomax would like to support you by ensuring that your sophisticated tools and equipments are maintained and operated at maximum efficiency by taking care of all kinds of power problems that may damage or cause your equipment to perform at low efficiency.

We believe in “Every Rupee Saved is Rupee Earned”. Today over 90% of the sophisticated machinery have digital control. 85% of equipment failures are attributed to power fluctuations, surges and spikes.

With reliable power the output of a typical factory increases by 30% to 40%. UPS and generators address only power failures and not power quality. The power quality is ensured only by high efficient stabilizers. 98% of the reported power problems are of duration of 10 seconds or less.

The stabilizers themselves are electrical/electronic equipment. They have to be self protected, very reliable and should be maintenance free. They also should have high efficiency of operation.

Servomax India Ltd has experience of 30 years in the field of stabilizers, power conditioning and power safety products.

Why voltage regulator?

Static Voltage Stabilizer

Electronics equipment are not designed for the wide input voltage range. We have no control over Input voltage source and the transient/fluctuation generated by other loads on the same grid. Poor quality of Input voltage results in:

a. Resetting of microcontrollers, thus losing data.

b. Damage to equipment power supply modules.

c. Error in data communication lines.

d. Instant changes in accuracy/calibration of equipment.

e. Reduce life of equipment.

What are the limitations of available voltage regulators?

Conventional methods like Tap Changer AVR and Servo voltage stabilizer are being used since long in commercial, industrial and residential applications. These technologies have limitations. Modern equipments are more sophisticated and sensitive to power quality. Some of the limitations are:

a. Low regulation.

b. Low reliability.

c. Very slow correction speed.

d. They have Manual Bypass

e. No remote control/monitoring facility.

f. More correction/reaction time.

g. Mechanical component limitation or failure. Hence more maintenance.

h. Interrupts power supply at the time of regulation (tap changing AVR method)

Servomax India Ltd has introduced latest technology DSP controlled, IGBT switched, PWM based voltage stabilizer with no moving parts. This is a new switching topology where PWM is used to achieve direct AC-to-AC switching, without any harmonic distortion. This simplifies the design, reduces the component count and improves the efficiency and reliability. It operates at 20KHz ensuring silent operation giving pure sine wave output. The control section is based on dsPIC controller which ensures quick correction of output which is not possible in conventional relay type stabilizer or servo controlled stabilizers. The circuit is fully solid state (no moving parts), hence no wear and tear like the brush tear in servo stabilizer or relay degrading in relay based stabilizer.

It gives excellent performance in voltage sensitive applications. This is especially useful in places where we need very fast correction speed, constant output voltage, overload current limiting and short circuit protection, soft start, high voltage cut-off and low voltage cut-off, automatic bypass, no wear and tear, long life and maintenance free which is impossible with other conventional relay type or servo control stabilizers.

Advantages of Static Voltage Regulator

a. Very fast correction speed of 20Khz..

b. Excellent voltage regulation of less than +/- 1%.

c. No moving parts (Motor) or mechanical tap changing relay principle. Maintenance free.

d. Works using IGBT based PWM Control technique.

e. Delta Voltage is added and subtracted by IGBT based AC – AC converter to regulate output voltage.

f. Compact in the size.

g. Very fast correction time of 20-30ms as compared to other conventional regulator (200 – 5000ms)

h. Auto bypass facility.

i. Excellent load protection capabilities to ensure long load life.

j. Silent operation.

The unique feature of this stabilizer is its fast correction speed. Any change in the input voltage, is corrected in the very next cycle.

DSP controlled PWM IGBT based technology

High speed of voltage correction to meet voltage sensitive equipment

The correction is done cycle by cycle. Hence correction speed achieved is of the order of 4000V/Sec. The switching speed of IGBT is 20KHz. Ideal for modern voltage sensitive equipment.

No Power Interruption

The regulation is done without power interruption.

Maintenance Free

Fully solid state drive and power circuitry with no mechanical parts in the regulation circuitry. Operation is highly reliable, precise, , interruption-free , noiseless and fast. No wear and tear of parts.

Inbuilt auto-bypass with no transition time

DSP controlled method has advantage of providing auto bypass. System will switch to bypass mode in case of any electronics part failure with no transition time.

Constant time of correction in all power range

The PWM technology achieves constant time of correction over any range of voltage variation in the input source.


Particulars Single Phase Three Phase
Discreet IGBT based
IGBT module based
1KVA to 10KVA
5KVA to 70KVA
3KVA to 30KVA
15KVA to 200KVA
Input Voltage Range for
220V output -
180V to 260V
150V to 290V
90V to 300V
312V to 450V
260V to 500V
155V to 520V
Output Voltage 220V +/- 1% settable
110V +/- 1% settable
380V +/- 1% settable
190V +/- 1% settable
Regulation  +/- 1% +/- 1%
Efficiency > 97% > 97%
Input Frequency 45Hz to 65Hz 45Hz to 65Hz
Wave Form Same as Input Same as Input
Effect of Power factor Nil Nil
Display LCD for –
Input voltage
Output voltage
Load VA
Line frequency
High voltage input
Low voltage input
Cut off mode
Bypass mode
Set up mode
LCD for –
Input voltage
Output voltage
Phase sequence reverse
Phase absence
Load VA
Line frequency
High voltage input
Low voltage input
Cut off mode
Bypass mode
Set up mode
Rate of Correction 4000V per second 4000V per second

The product is developed keeping your requirement in mind. Our endeavor is to provide hassle free power conditioning equipment and take care of your valuable and critical machinery while you focus completely on the quality of your products and maximize your profits.