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Home Guard Ground

Your dream home is very precious. We wish to make your dream home free from all electrical hazards while you enjoy the serenity of your home. Fill your home with all types of Gadgets, Lights, Music, Kitchen appliances that suit your taste and requirements. We will take care of the quality of heart beat of all these gadgets, the electricity, while you relax and rejuvenate yourself in the comfort of your home. Life of all Electrical and electronic Gadgets and appliances purely depend on the quality of Electricity. Servomax Intelligent Home Power Guard is electricity purifier as well as protector of your home appliances, enhancing life of all appliances. In effect the Intelligent Home Power Guard pays for itself while your happiness is multiplied. Electrical Accidents and Hazards may be internal or external. They cause a huge damage to your valuable appliances. These hazards may cause fire also.

Features & Specifications

  • Individual Channel Bypass provision with Advanced Micro Controller switching.
  • Offers maximum flexibility and ease of installation to meet service requirements.
  • The outdoor/indoor devices are available tenant circuit breaker provisions.
  • Units operate on 240V AC 1Ø-3W and 415V AC 3Ø-4W systems and are available from 3KVA to 75KVA to meet a wide variety of small apartment and commercial building applications.
  • The attractive Home Guard device accepts overhead or underground service terminations and are designed for wall mounting.
  • The devices are factory pre-bussed in a compact enclosure to ensure ease of handling and installation and to maximize wall-space efficiency.
  • Number of Channels is user defined and can be configured as per requirements.
  • Electro deposited paint provides uniform coverage for long-lasting protection.
  • Includes a unique combination of labor saving features to aid builder in installing the product.
  • Remote monitoring facility and failure alarm(Optional).
  • Modular design for maximum configuration flexibility.
  • Display system for Voltage, currents and power.
  • Performs all functions of MCBs through electronics.
  • Makes MCBs redundant. Therefore MCBs can be eliminated.
  • Compatible with Servomax Power Saver and Stabilizer module.
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker (optional)

Equipment Ratings

  • 3KVA to 75KVA
  • 240V AC 1Ø-3W, 415V AC 3Ø-4W
  • 1 Phase 2 Wire, 3 Phase 3 Wire, 3 Phase 4 Wire
  • No of Channels ranges from 1 to 36
Home Guard Ground