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About Servomax India Pvt Limited

Servomax is a 32 year old company having made a modest beginning in the year 1982 with just 2 products. It has grown to 18 product range line now and has in the pipeline another 18 product ranges. This is the only 100 percent Indian Company in the country serving the entire gamut of the electrical sector i.e., from power generation and distribution to the end users socket. We have manufacturing facilities in various places located at Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and Kakinada. 

We are also into execution of transmission & distribution infrastructure projects, illumination projects, railway electrification, etc on turnkey basis. We are also into power distribution sector in a big way from manufacturing of Power and Distribution Transformers, Current Transformers & Power Transformers, LT Panel building, Inverters, Power Control Systems, Power Saving technologies, Power Infra, modernization of various electrical circuits, emerging new technologies in metering, in generation, in distribution of power, smart grid technologies, smart metering technologies, green technologies. We have a full fledged R & D division catering to continuous product improvements and enhancements.

We have indigenously developed our entire range of products some of which happen to be imported replacements. These products have enormous scope and potential not only in India but in many other countries as well. We are into the solar sector in a big way by having entered into Roof Top Solutions, Solar Water Pumps, and Solar off grid technologies, etc. There is a huge supply & demand gap in the energy sector for the next 25 year foreseeable period. Servomax has all the expertise in products & services to cater to this market and growth is insured for Servomax.

Servomax Network

  • Servomax has PAN India Marketing Offices catering the needs of all industries
  • Servomax has very big Service bandwidth covering almost the entire nation with 38 Nos Service centres and more than 150 highly trained and well seasoned Service Personnel
  • Servomax has a number of Channel Partners who are ready to market all consumer durables and industrial products

Servomax Presence

  • Power Protection
  • Industrial Power Protection & Power Conditioning
  • Power Saving
  • Green Energy & ESCO
  • Harmonic Filtering
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Solar Products and Solar EPC Projects
  • Panel Boards
  • Home Appliances
  • LED Lighting Systems
  • Atomic Energy equipments
  • Payment Solution equipments

Servomax Products

  • Auto Transformers, Air Cooled & Oil Cooled
  • AC Stepper motors upto 20 KG torque
  • Current Transformers Low Tension
  • Instrumentation Transformers for electronic applications
  • Various types of Chokes
  • Domestic Voltage Stabilizers
  • Industrial Voltage Stabilizers
  • High Tension Voltage Stabilizers
  • Isolation Transformers
  • Ultra Isolation Transformers
  • Power Distribution Units
  • AMF Panels
  • Auxiliary Transformers for Railway Applications
  • Amorphous Transformers
  • Furnace Transformers
  • Rectifier Transformers
  • Plating Rectifiers
  • Battery Chargers
  • Static Voltage Stabilizers
  • Intelligent & Integrated Power Monitoring Systems
  • Intelligent Shutter Monitoring System
  • Remote Motor On Off Systems
  • Home UPS
  • Solar Power Plants upto 100 MW
  • Commercial Water Heaters (ETC & FPC)
  • Energy Meters
  • Energy Monitoring Equipments
  • ATM Equipments
  • Kiosks & Handheld Terminals
  • Energy Efficient Fans
  • Air Sterilizers
  • Air Filters
  • Fuel Cells

Many products are under developments within an year almost 8 products are bound to release to market including bar coding solutions and micro payment solutions

Existing Marketing Potential for Servomax Products(State Wise)



Telangana 250 Cr
Andhra Pradesh 150 Cr
Orissa 50 Cr
Tamilnadu 75 Cr
Karnataka 150 Cr
Maharashtra 200 Cr
Gujarath 50 Cr
Madhya Pradesh 20 Cr
Bihar 50 Cr
NCR 450 Cr
TOTAL 1445 Cr

OEM Plan

  • Servomax will provide 100% marketing
  • Servomax will provide 100% service
  • Servomax will provide 100% technical expertise
  • Servomax will provide design and documentation
  • Servomax will provide forecasting and models to be manufactured monthly
  • Servomax will lift all stocks, what ever the case it may be the responsibility of purchase from OEM is of Servomax

OEM Commercials

  • Servomax will guarantee a sale of Rs.20 Crs per unit per annum
  • Servomax will guarantee a profit of 4% of cost of goods manufactured annually
  • Servomax will try to provide more sales upon the relations improved and quality maintained
  • The minimum investment is 20% of the gross sales estimated for raw materials
  • The investment can be gradually increased upon capacity
  • The OEM growth will be minimum 35% per annum
  • The OEM profit growth will be minimum 30% per annum
  • The OEM is protected against all market volatilities like price variations in raw material prices, market demand, specification changes, payment realisations from customers and what ever servomax will protect the guaranted margins at the end of the financial year
  • The minimum investments from OEM will be 1 Cr and based on 1 Cr investment the returns are:
    1.The investment is converted in to working capital with bank assistance of 3 Cr total put together the 4 Crs will be working capital as a raw material debtors
    2.A minimum business of 20 Crs per annum and Rs 80 Lakhs as a profit is being guaranted by SMPL thus the investment of 1 Cr will fetch at least 80% of returns. This is guaranted only for 3 years.
    3.An identified and interested OEM has to enter an OEM Agreement with Servomax
    4.An identified and interested OEM has to deposit Rs 50 Lakhs as a refundable security deposit for their documentation and technology being given
    5.The deposit will earn interest @18% per annum payable once in a year.
    6.This deposit will be in force till the OEM agreement validity.

OEM Commercials Payment Guarantee Agreement

  • Servomax has many products upto 72 varieties and various technologies
  • Some of the products are standard in model and range specifications
  • Some are of customized products where design changes customer to customer
  • Some orders are customized and bulk quantity in nature
  • Some are of rate contract in nature for period of one year
  • OEM manufacturer can manufacture standard models as indicated by Servomax time to time which are to be kept in ready stock
  • SMPL take delivery of goods by paying full payment by cheque for a period of 30 days for all small quantities and small values
  • For Bulk orders and customized high valued orders/work orders/rate contract orders if it is being sourced from OEM manufacturer, his payment is protected through a ESCROW agreement and ESCROW account. Thus this payment is paid by bank immediately on receipt of such big payment from designated end customer

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