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Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Voltage Stabilizer uses an advance electronic controlled servo motor concept to govern a motorized variable transformer. Because of the motors involved, there is a small delay in voltage correction. However, output voltage accuracy is usually ±1% with input voltage changes of up to ±50%. This type of technology tends to be extremely effective when considering large three phase applications, as it is able to maintain its accuracy of all these phases, despite of input voltages balance and load balance at any power factor.

Technical Specifications

  • Fully Solid State Control Circuit
  • ± 1.0% Regulation
  • No Wave-form Distortion
  • High Efficiency
  • Auto Manual Operation Facility
Servo Voltage Stabilizer



Single Phase

Three Phase ( Unbalanced Type)

Three Phase (Balanced Type)

Input Voltage

160-260/170-270 VAC

300-460 V / 340-480/ 360-460 V AC 330-440 VAC

Output Voltage

220/230-+1.0% Regulation (Adjustable between 210-240V)

400V/415 V DC ± 1.0%regulation 400V/415V DC ± 1.0%



47-53Hz 47-53Hz
Wave From Distortion True reproduction of input wave form True reproduction of input wave form True reproduction of input wave form
Speed Of Correction ≤ 35 V/Sec ≤ 35 V/Sec ≤ 35 V/Sec
Regulation ± 1.0% from no load to full load ± 1.0% from no load to full load ± 1.0% from no load to full load
Ambient Temperature 0 to 55 ° C 0 to 55 ° C 0 to 55 ° C
Environment Designed for indoor continuous operation


  • Better efficiency of ≥98% achieved by use of prime grade Lamination.
  • Electrolytic copper wires of 99.99% purity.
  • Special designed transformers to minimize losses.
  • Also, Special sensing circuit to ensure constant Output Voltage even with distorted input from D.G. set. Confirms to stringent Defence specifications. Tropicalised design

Most Suitable for

  • Computers
  • Photocopier
  • Micro Process Controlled
  • Testing Laboratory Equipment
  • Precision industries
  • Machinery
  • Medical Equipment
  • Elevators
  • Communication Equipment Center
  • Industrial Plants