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Street Light Controller

Street Light Automation Systems

  • Energy conservation is picked up paramount importance in all areas
  • Electricity is a boon to mankind but it can cause unreasonable burden to all if it is not used efficiently. India has 16 % of world Population but less than 1% of World Energy Resources
  • OUR EFFORT TO CONSERVE ENERGY IS Energy Conservation involves avoiding wastage of energy and adopting methods to save energy without sacrificing comforts and needs
  • SERVOMAX Streetlight Controller controls any loads automatically as programmed
  • The system comprises of micro controllers and RTC (Real time Clock) and user Programmable settings
  • Micro controllers programmed are as per the requirements of on-off timings
  • Programme can be done for daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly, and as per seasonal timings.


  • Micro Controller based.
  • With built in Real Time Clock.
  • Additional profiles can be programmed photo sensor implemented(optional)
  • Two line LCD display (LED Display Optional)
  • Parameter settings for each season for total year even every quarter of the Month
  • IP:55 protection
  • Power consumption less than 1 watt
  • Protected from spikes and surges
  • Protected from wide Voltage fluctuation
  • High voltage protection
  • Over load protection
  • short circuit protection
  • By pass facility
  • With stands for wide temperature variation 5º C to 60º C
  • With highly accurate timer
  • Applicable for any load
  • Remote on/off facility
  • User friendly Design
  • Optional feature of infra red light sensing control
  • Programme available to work for multi channel to switch on/off alternative lights.


  • Unmanned, accurate on-off operations, avoiding the human errors thus power savings in all factories, stockyards, ports, public lighting systems etc.
  • To On –off municipal, public lighting systems at regular timings as programmed to eliminate human attention and error.
  • To ring bells at correct intervals in schools, colleges & factories.
To control single phase load Single Phase up to 30 KVA
To control two phase load Two Phase up to 100 KVA
To control three Phase load Three phase up to 200 KVA